Environment and Stakeholder Policy

Piacentini & Son is committed to our legal obligations to protect and minimise our impact on the environment and is dedicated to managing our activities throughout the operations providing support to all stakeholders. Successful environmental management is underpinned by our belief that our business must be conducted without degrading the environment with a strong commitment to our rehabilitation processes.

Piacentini & Son operates its business on sound and robust practices providing support and endorsement of its activities to maintain strong stakeholder relations, our responsibility to the community and a credible reputation.

Piacentini & Son shall drive a safe environment approach and build our relationships with stakeholders and community by:

  • Implementing and maintaining an Environmental Management System to identify, assess and minimise environmental and community relations impacts, across all sectors of our operations;
  • Monitor our environmental footprint, setting and maintaining improved environmental performance
  • Maintaining full compliance with legislation, codes of practice and laws, internal policy and procedures ensuring prompt and transparent reporting of all non-compliances;
  • Driving high levels of responsibility, accountability and authority for environment and stakeholder management throughout our workforce where managers and supervisors understand the requirements to implement remedial action;
  • Providing adequate information, instruction, training, mentoring and supervision of our employees enabling them to reach their full potential, maintaining high levels of competency and encouraging a strong ethic;
  • Engaging and collaborating with stakeholders on their requirements, values and concerns regarding the development, operation and rehabilitation aspects of projects;
  • Minimise the environmental impacts of our operations through the efficient use of natural resources, reduction of waste, minimisation of dust and emissions supporting our client requirements;
  • Valuing and enforcing diversity through the recognition and respect of the different cultures, gender, values and customs whilst maintaining Company core values;
  • Drive continual improvement and best practice to assess continuing suitability, adequacy, effectiveness and alignment with the business objectives evaluated at regular management reviews.

Piacentini & Son is committed to consultation and cooperation, participation and feedback from our employees and stakeholders in all matters on environmental management and community issues.