Fit for Work Policy

Piacentini & Son acknowledges our responsibility to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all personnel employed.


We recognise that inappropriate use of Drugs and Alcohol can lead to major deficiencies in an individual's work performance, and is a contributing factor in industrial accidents. The aim of the Fit for Work (FFW) Policy is to eliminate workplace hazards associated with the use of these substances, and to achieve this goal as far as possible through education and treatment. It is also to ensure the Company meets its legal obligation under Common Law, the relevant safety legislation and "Duty of Care".

Piacentini & Son's standards for detectable levels are in accordance with AS43098. Any levels detected above cut-offs will be deemed a positive result. The maximum BAC alcohol level is 0.00.

Piacentini & Son values our employees and believes that early intervention in the area of drugs and alcohol abuse can help them deal with a situation that might otherwise jeopardise their careers.

Fatigue and non-work related medical conditions also form part of the Piacentini & Son FFW Policy. Appropriate rosters and operational controls are in place to minimise the impact of our operations on the fatigue and health of our employees. Staff are also required under "duty of care" to present to work in a fit state, free from substances that may affect their ability to work safely or impact on the safety of others.

Piacentini & Son will not tolerate employees putting themselves or work colleagues at risk.