Indigenous Employment Policy

As an employer of choice, Piacentini & Son are committed to providing an equal opportunity for indigenous Australians to join our already diverse workforce.


When sourcing labour in regional and remote areas for projects every effort is made to engage with the local workforce by:

  • Recruiting local Indigenous employees
  • Engaging services from Indigenous contractors
  • Developing ongoing business relationships and joint ventures with local Indigenous businesses

Where there is a likelihood of Indigenous employees taking on key tasks, the relevant approved cultural programs will be run with the non-Indigenous workforce to ensure that all communications, beliefs and cultural differences can be integrated in a harmonious manner. The main aim of this is to ensure that all employees needs are known, understood and met without any discrimination based on misunderstanding.

Piacentini & Son believes that by supporting local Indigenous communities a number of key initiatives will result; including:

  • Economic sustainability to the communities the employees or businesses are engaged from
  • Skill transference through training and personnel development programs
  • Engaging with and developing the local community resources directly through financial and mentoring methods or by assisting the strategies in place through our client’s existing programs