Panther Series II Low Loaders

With many years of experience in the engineering, design and construction of equipment for the mining industry
Piacentini & Son are able to provide cost effective and reliable Low Loader solutions.

Designed and manufactured in house by our experienced team our new Panther Series II Low Loader range has been developed for the mining industry with safety and ease of operation as its key focus.

Piacentini & Son work with clients to accommodate their specific requirements. Our Low Loaders range from 80,000kg up to 1,000,000kg payload and can be customised for a particular selection of earthmoving and mining equipment as well as specific conditions on the mine site.


  • Customised to meet client’s site specific requirements
  • Superior safety features and ease of operation
  • Improved operational efficiencies and cycle time
  • Outstanding and proven engineering excellence
  • Cost effective and reliable solution
  • Well suited to autonomous operation

Design Features

  • Designed and constructed to withstand the toughest mining conditions
  • Seamless transition from ramp to platform, eliminating pivot points during loading and unloading
  • Full width ground contact for enhanced stability during loading and unloading
  • Optimised trailer length and high ground clearance for superior mobility around sites
  • Short load and unload times
  • Remote controlled trailer raising and lowering function for safe operation
  • Incorporated wet brake system
  • Manufactured using OEM components ensuring a reliable global supply chain
  • Park brake integrated pneumatic access system for safe access and egress on both sides
  • Handrailed environment for safe operator access and egress from loaded machine to ground level
  • Modular design reducing shipping and installation costs


  • Rear Axle Rotation System (RARS) - a concept developed by Piacentini & Son with safety, ease of use and productivity as its focus


  • Piacentini & Son Mechanical Engineering and Drafting Department utilising the latest design and drafting software
  • Design optimisation using Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Stress relieving of fabricated components
  • Compliance to Australian Standards

Manufacture and Construction

  • Fabrication and pre-assembly completed by Piacentini’s highly skilled work force at their Picton workshop located in Bunbury, Western Australia
  • Quality workmanship and attention to detail guarantees an exceptional product

Product Range

  • Currently we have models ranging from 80,000kg up to 1,000,000kg payload.

Panther Series II 130T low loader (130,000kg payload)

Panther Series II 450T low loader (450,000kg payload)

Panther Series II 360T low loader (360,000kg payload)

Panther Series II 800T low loader (800,000kg payload)