Recruitment Policy

Piacentini & Son is committed to recruiting, supporting, developing and retaining employees. To achieve an equitable, competitive and timely recruitment selection process, Piacentini & Son seeks to provide equal opportunity for all candidates, ensure that selection procedures are efficient and effective, and maintain applicant confidentiality.

Recruitment Process

At all stages of the recruitment and selection process, Piacentini & Son will comply with relevant Equal Opportunity, Sexual Discrimination, Disability, Workplace Relations and Anti-Discrimination Acts.

Piacentini & Son employ a large workforce where individuals are employed on either a permanent, fixed-term or casual basis. The Human Resource Management Team is available to provide advice on all aspects of recruitment, selection and employment. The Human Resources Management Team’s role is to provide guidance on this policy and the implementation of associated procedures.

Piacentini & Son will follow a four stage recruitment and selection process:

  1. Vacancy
  2. Applications and short listing
  3. Selection, and
  4. Appointment

All newly appointed employees will undergo a 3 month probation and assessment period.

Any concerns about the recruitment and selection process should be referred in the first instance to the Human Resources Management Team. If the Human Resources Management Team is unable to resolve the issue, or requires advice or assistance, the matter is to be referred to the Chief Executive Officer. Alternatively, written complaints may be submitted to the Human Resources Management Team or Chief Executive Officer.