Asset Management Policy

Piacentini & Son is committed to our obligations to ensure our assets are safe and effective, reliable and maintained to a high quality standard without impact on the environment and complying to our stakeholder requirements.

Piacentini & Son operates its mining and earthmoving business on sound and robust practices and principles incorporating planning, tendering to project execution. We aim to ensure our assets which are spread across mining, rehabilitation, earthmoving incorporating dry hire, fixed plant and heavy haulage services are managed, maintained and monitored.

Piacentini & Son shall:

  • Maintain a register of all assets for monitoring, maintenance, warranty details, that align to quality, safety and environmental requirements.
  • Manage all asset details to ensure they are easily identified through systematic tracking.
  • Implement, maintain and continually improve the Asset Management System that is able to identify, assess and minimise potential risks; optimise performance; operate, maintain, renew and dispose of assets in a manner that is safe, reliable, sustainable and cost effective;
  • Maintain full compliance with legislation, codes of practice and laws, internal policy and procedures ensuring prompt and transparent reporting of all non-compliances;
  • Drive high levels of responsibility, accountability and authority to all leaders and employees for the management of company assets;
  • Support our employees by the provision of adequate information, instruction, training, mentoring and supervision of our employees to ensure high levels of operation competency and respect of company assets is assured;
  • Ensure all corrective and preventative action identified from inspections and audits are monitored and verified for continuous improvement;
  • Drive continual improvement and best practice to assess continuing suitability, adequacy, effectiveness and alignment with the business objectives evaluated at regular management reviews.

Piacentini & Son is committed to maintaining a coordinated and robust asset management system, that is sustainable, efficient and based on optimising considerations of economic, technical and performance aspects of our most valued assets.