Quality Policy

Piacentini & Son provides quality products and services in the mining, earthmoving, fixed plant and road haulage as mining and earthmoving contractors. A high standard of quality is demonstrated in our commitment to our customers, stakeholders and our employees through the provision of quality solutions and no-fuss outcomes for profitable growth and return on equity for all stakeholders.

Piacentini & Son shall:

  • Demonstrate our ability to consistently provide quality products and services that meet our customer’s requirements whilst maintaining compliance to statutory and regulatory obligations to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Understand and achieve our customer’s needs and expectations promoting confidence in our quality outputs through effective quality processes.
  • Foster quality working partnerships and build mutually profitable relationships with our customers through effective communications, quality feedback and resolution based complaints management;
  • Be responsible for the application of risk-based thinking by implementing controls to manage risk and non-conformances as identified for the products and services, our customers and our employees through a robust risk management process.
  • Monitor, measure, analyse and review the quality and effectiveness of our products and services to ensure our objectives and the quality management system are sustainable.
  • Provide adequate training and mentoring of our employees enabling them to reach their full potential whilst ensuring their contribution to the quality of our products and services results in continuous improvement in production and performance.
  • Maintain quality design and development processes appropriate to the provision of products and services through planning, appropriate controls, evaluation of change, identification and traceability through our robust quality management systems.
  • Drive continual improvement and innovation through well-defined measurements, best practices and auditing to assess continuing suitability, adequacy, effectiveness and alignment with the business direction at regular management reviews.

Piacentini & Son are committed to implementing and maintaining an effective quality system that sets a long-term competitive success and the foundation for efficient and effective results, attributable to our excellent communications and commitment to the achievement of our business objectives and continuous improvement.